You have to question yourself how many real friends you have. Your answer should be one, two, or zero. There will be two reasons to have fewer friends. That is, you are not that much socialized, or You think you’re not likable for others. Else you are a very intelligent person who has the ability to change the world.

In 2016, the British journal of psychology published an article. Where they measured 15 thousand people and found amazing results. The results found were astonishing. The result depicted that, People with low IQ were happier with their friends. But those with higher IQs are happy when alone. Even one of the world’s greatest inventors Nikola Tesla was not married, Isaac Newton didn’t have many friends. Smart people just on the scale of IQ have similar nature.

Fewer Friend

3 Reason for Fewer Friend circle:

  1. A bigger friend circle has the worse quality. One more thing that the study shows is: The people living in big cities, let’s say metropolitan ones are found to be less happy than the ones living in small towns and villages. The reason states that thousands of years ago people used to live in small communities possessing similar lifestyle. They lived in harmony. When we make things congested, there is more sorrow, more negativity, and much more sadness. The study shows that these smart people are more introverted personality. So they don’t indulge in bigger friend circles. Rather they choose to be alone.
  2. Judging others: If you quickly judge or form opinions about something or someone, you might be intelligent but you’re not wise. Many of us from negative thoughts about a particular individual or a group. Judging someone’s appearance or background or just the way they are is not only stupid but also unnecessary. And after that trying to stop talking. Intelligent people are understood that who people are negative, unproductive, and selfish. The real genius is the one who can identify these people and then analyze them.
  3. Smart people don’t thrive on emotional support. Where a creative thing is added with high and low neuroticism. Things change in a certain way. This simply means, that when smart people feel bored or uncomfortable they don’t want emotional support from many. They have their own creative space where they are open to the universe, and they choose to be that way.

My raw Thoughts about this study:

Never judge yourself on the basis of anything. You are smart in your own ways, so embrace that. This study showcased a personality trait, which I think can never mark a person as intelligent or dumb, no one can. I’ll only like to tell each and every reader that believe in yourself, have faith in yourself and embrace the gift of life.

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