No doubt The Alchemist has been appreciated with numerous awards. You know the author, you know the book; I don’t think you need another reason to start reading it. Now I know many of you have already read it. But I still had to write something about it. The beauty of this book is ‘you’ll get the conclusion exactly the way you perceive it. I honestly don’t think that it’s possible to give spoilers of this book. Because it is full of surprises.

3 Reasons I think Why is ‘The Alchemist’ so popular.

  1. The sheer writing of this book is so phenomenal that it doesn’t need any other reason to be an ‘International best seller’.
  2. Every time you read this book it narrates a different perception of life. There is no lag in the story or words, all in all, you’ll never get bored.
  3. The importance of dreams and ambitions is depicted so powerfully that the readers are thrilled with enthusiasm all the way to the end.

This book is recognized globally and has been awarded numerous awards like UK’s Nielsen Gold Book Award, Germany’s Corine International award, France’s Grand Prix Litteraire Elle Award, and the list goes on and on. And that’s why this book is translated into 67 different languages and over 65 million copies have been sold so far. And the list continues…..No doubt it’s so popular.

Forget about the rest, I’ll share with you what core value I got from reading this book. Dreams; chase them, run after them, fall for them, rise up to get them, and most importantly believe in them. Everybody dreams, everyone has goals to achieve, but there are very people out there who really have what it takes to achieve them. This book has the potential to make you come across to that something, which is required for you to chase your dreams.

I’m nobody to review this book. But I shared some Insights I had regarding this book. Hope you’ll like it.

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