To understand the flutter we have to understand some basic things that are. If someone who is an IOS developer basically and makes a very cool application. The application is based on something that is going to be very popular. People like to use that application. But one big problem with this application that, that it’s only running on an IOS device. For that every other day there is a question from people’s side that when it will come to android? So the developer hired an android developer who developed this application for android users. But the problem is if the developer wants to make some changes. Wants to give some updates to the application wants to fix some bugs. They need to change for both of the applications. The developer has to maintain the platform of different coding based.

Android + iOS

Flutter Is,

It’s a simple toolkit that makes it easy to developers to design beautiful interfaces for all short of screen sizes and devices. And it comes with a whole bunch of pre-built widgets that make it easy to layout your app. Straightforward things such as laying out your application with rows or with columns or stack and it borrows some of the concepts from web design. Where you can have things that are center or have padding and margin. What if you could use this system to design and develop for almost any device. Because all that flutter does is it ask for a blank window on the device so be it on android or iOS or web or desktop. All it’s asking for is just a simple blank window.

User Defined Function in python

What flutter will Do,

It draws onto that blank window whatever it is that needs to be rendere and whatever it is that needs to be rendered and whatever animation or interactions or changes all painted by flutter. So this means that instead of having to make iOS applications in an iOS way and android applications in an android way. You can simply use a whole bunch of pre-built widgets from flutter such floating action button or a linear progress indicator. You can simply put things in your application no matter what you working on. And they have even design widgets that look the part for each platform.


How Flutter work?

You get access to a whole bunch of widgets so you can see these widgets as lego books almost. By plugging them together and customizing it you can end up with your beautiful application that can be deployed almost anywhere.

Install Flutter 2.5

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