Which are the best smart glasses?

Hello, guys what’s up. When we find something on the internet which is really different from other products, then we should try to inform you using our short blog. Now a day where people are using glasses not only for eye problems, Today glasses are the fashion as eyeglasses, they are the protector of sunglasses and also are the lack visibility.

What can smart glasses do?

So today we gonna prefer three unique smart glasses which will you never seen in the market. So using this you don’t only increase your look or don’t only protect your eyes. It also gives you a different kind of smartness because all glasses are smart glasses. That really gives you an amazing experience. You cant see to wear it to others people. So let’s go for the first product.

Spy Smart Glasses:

First I want to tell you that what is the meaning of spy. I think every one know that the spy means that you can do hiddenly. So the main focused of spy glasses is camera. If you want to really fill that you want to string someone and you want to record someone but don’t fill them. So for that you can try it out.

It is a SPY 360 16GB Undetectable Wired HD 1920x1080P Mini Sunglasses Camcorder Digital Video Recorder Spy Glasses DVR camera – black which is come with

  • 1.World’s first HD quality video camera eyewear. using this camera you can record HD quality videos and. If you want to watch this recorded video you want to download the MX player into your smartphone.
  • 2. Brilliant and rich natural colors, high quality video images. Video quality is best and the main thing is that what video you can take will be purely natural.
  • 3.Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed. You can connect with your pc or laptop or mobile phone using a USB cable. So no need to install external drivers.
  • 4.User friendly operation button for easy control. In the clip of the specteles, there will be several buttons using which you can control the camera. With a single click, you can start recording the video.
  • 5. It will come with a total of 1 x 720P Glasses camera. And 1 x USB Cable. And 1 x User Manual.

Rewy BT09 Wireless Bluetooth Smart Sunglasses:

smart glasses

If you want smart sunglasses which will give you a very smart look and also smartness so these smart glasses are made for you. If you want a smart glass which fulfills your all entertainment and also protects your eyes from sun UV. So go for it.

smart glasses

As a Bluetooth sunglass, the perfect combination of durable and fashionable polarize lens. So, it’s available for all mobile phones with Bluetooth functions. Then, You can call and listen to music through these Bluetooth sunglasses. Make you enjoy the freedom of wireless listening and hands-free talk through Bluetooth function. For that Earphones built directly onto the frame and can adjust for comfortable fit Wireless Headset listen to stereo music, set aside to answer the call automatically converted, Built-in chargeable battery, Control the phone to take pictures of yourself, The wireless set aside to answer phone calls, Flip-up Glasses.

It is a Rewy BT09 Wireless Bluetooth Smart Sunglass, Open Ear Music & Hands-Free Calling for Driving, Riding, Motorcycle and Outdoor Sports Compatible for All Device/Random Colour

Lazy Smart Glasses:

smart glasses

So guys from now we have to discuss a smart glass but it is something different. These glasses for smart people. Not exactly actually for the lazy people. Yes, the company also gives the name of the glass is lazy glass. In today’s world, we all are using the smartphone. We had to spend many times with our smartphones. But when you are in your bed in that time you if you using a mobile you can’t feel comfortable for all portion of sleeping. But using this glass all portion will be easy.

And so kind. The glass comes with a Horizontal glass. Horizontal means if you show form one angle but the visibility would come from a different angle this is the work of horizontal. So using this formula company made this glass. If you are sleeping on your bed and want to see your mobile that no need to hold up your mobile with your hand. you can see your mobile to land your hand on your belly.

Iktu™ Creative High Definition Horizontal Glasses Lazy Glasses It come with

  • Large: inside width 15cm, general model, myopia can be put in 89g (for people whose myopia glasses, reading glasses no more than 15 cm)
  • Middle: inside width 14cm
  • Myopia can be put in
  • Weight: 88g (for people whose myopia glasses, reading glasses no more than 14 cm) Small: inside width 14cm
  • 78g (for wear circle lenses or not wearing glasses person) Note: Sensitive to optical comrade don’t shoot. Things don’t fit you. Wear will feel dizzy. Colour: Black Crowd: Middle-aged crowd, disease crowd, young fashion crowd Appearances: small, middle, and large are different from each other in design details Package:1 x lazy glasses

How much do smart glasses cost?

For this three smart glasses it will be very cost effective. So cost will be only 350 rupees to 1000 Indian rupees

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