manipulated Manipulation is like you have to tell someone to do something and that person does that thing without thinking. For that, you need to understand the state of mind of your opposite person. This means sometimes if the person is angry so in that time some points will not working. for that, you need to try the point of what will really work. And it based on your opposite person’s relation with you. If the opposite person is your mom, dad, other relatives, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, based on the person it will change. So let’s see some useful points.

Manipulated with saying no:

Don’t say no. Because when you say no to someone after that they want to do this thing. Because when you say no to someone in that time the mind will work a different way. Like as an example many times when a book shell be banned in the situation reader of the book will not getting down it will increase. Because when we say the human brain no then our curiosity will be double. Means the word banned will attract human to read the book.

With a real-life example If you have your sister so, I think you will face this. When you fight with your sister after that if she complains against you to your dad. When your dad comes from the office. In that time your dad will be warning you. In that situation, your dad is very angry and your mom says don’t hit the son NO-NO, and NO. After this, your dad hit you with the stick.

So, with this, you know that how much no will work on a person. If you want to Manipulated someone so you can use no for sure. But remember this think that it will not work sometimes.


Manipulated with Limited Priority

Thousand of years back when our mind and body are in different stage, In that time we are creating more attraction on the limited product. Because in that time resources are so limited for the human. So for that, it is in our DNA that now also we are attracted to the limited stock. This trick mainly followed by many companies. To increase their sell. You know when a new phone will be launch in that time they have allowed some times only when that phone is available. From this what you think that companies are not producing that many phones. Actually not they well know about this human psychology. If they have to provide some limited stock then their sell will increase lots.

By using this formula a love guru given the idea to the people that you have to skip some times so the opposite human attraction will be more reliable for you. Or you can avoid some context, say no to some question so curiosity will be more developed. So limited stock approach your brain to take the action. Limited means if you didn’t take the action now then you didn’t get it.

To find Similarity:

If you want that the person believes in you then you need to apply this. That you found the similarity between you and the person. Similarity means not the look. It will be status. Like, keep realizing that person you and the person are from the same status. State of mind it will really work most of the time. Like. If you realizing front of the person that previously you goes from the same condition so the person will believe in you within a short time of period. Complement It is the most important thing that you need to do. And you do it very easily. Because complement is like when you give someone he/she will be happy from inside. If you starting Manipulated from complement then it will best thing ever.

If you really apply all this think then the front of the person believes in you and whatever you can say to the person. They really do for you. Similarly, you can apply to impress someone also.

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