In a human body every action is a reason. Such as scratching nose, bending downwards etc. Such smallest action also has some reason. Our limbic brain says something subconsciously. If we learn to observe this body language then we understand that the person is true or false. Most of the people know that when people are pressurize then have only two option Flight or Fight. Flight means the person can run away from this situation or can fight ageing the situation. But the main thing is that one more thing will happened, that are coming before this both response. That is called freeze response.

When human has scared or getting in a tough situation then mind can take the decision first is freeze. That same thing happened every time. When a human facing under the threat, stress, and any problem situation. Then the person trying to choose any of the three. That is visible on body language.

body language

Some Important gesture for body language.

Gesture of Freeze:

short breath, minimum body moment. Its showing that the person is scared.

body language

Gesture of Flight:

Move back when seating on the chair. Keep leg direction toward the exit, Covering mouth with hand, Rubbing eyes. Its all showing that person feeling uncomfortable. Leave from there.

body language

Gesture of Fight:

Chest & nose flair, going to close to someone, banging hand on table, its all are showing that the person can angry.

After facing this kind of situation brain can behave automatically like this because. when we are scared, uncomfortable, and angry than brain unconsciously pressurized. So removing this pressure brain doing this action unconsciously. If a human can facing any problem he/she cant stop her/his self from doing some activity. So noticing this behavior you can read the people mind.

stressed Gesture:

Hiding neck with hand, Playing with neckless or tie, rubbing forehead, fluttering breathe, using this action brain feel relax. When come under the pressure. But its all depend on the situation, time, context, bassline.

Leg Gestures for human body language:

  1. Gravity defined behavior: Standing keeping your foot up, Keeping you heel up, Its showing that the person is excited, happy, and ready to go.
  2. Standing leg cross: leg cross from the side of ankle, Its shows the person is feeling comfortable, and the person is far away from flight or freeze response.
  3. Seated Foot movement: Playing with shoes while seating, or moving it. This thing sometime indicate that opposite person want other to notice.
  4. Proximity: Keep distance form people. When you see some group, you can observe that who people are closed to whom, And it come from feeling. If the person like that opposite person. So the person standing close to that person else keeping distance from this person.
  5. Foot Freeze: If the person continually moving leg and suddenly stop or doing the opposite thing like suddenly start moving so the person has change the feeling, or change in emotion.

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