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People often talk about entrepreneurial mindset, rich mentality and brain hacks that will make you rich. But very few know what they exactly talk about. This is the ‘Information age’ we are living in. But that also leave us susceptible to misinformation. So having access to the right kind of information will in tern enhance your speed to achieve your goals.

This book has been an International Bestseller for 20 years. There you go, that’s the reason it is so obvious to recommend. I won’t give any advice or spoilers about the book. Just share with you some lessons I learnt.

  1. Money is important.

This is for those who think money is evil. Or it turns a person into a evil being, this is by far the biggest myth in the society. Author says that there are things which are more valuable than money, but to achieve that level you got you have money. Otherwise happiness, spirituality, mental wellbeing these are just some fancy words which you are using to fool yourself. You’ve got to surpass money to experience things that are above money.

2. What is Rich Mentality?

Well we talked about the importance of money. Now, how to earn that kind of money is another question that will arise. I am not a financial adviser and definitely not a ‘guru’ to give you tips to do something, so that you’ll earn a lot of money. But one thing is for sure, that the mindset you build will be the most basic step in achieving your financial goals. And here comes the concept of ‘belief’. You’ve got to believe that you’re going to be rich and successful, and your brain will find the ways to achieve so. So the most basic difference between the rich and the poor is not the “money”, it’s the way of their thinking which fundamentally separates them.

3. What the Rich teach their kids that the Poor don’t?

We discussed the basic difference in the mentality of rich and poor. But what builds this mentality in the first place. Ya, you guessed it right, rich parents teach their kids what money is, they teach them finance and basically all the stuff that one should know about money. Now I won’t blame poor people, because they themselves haven’t got that education. But I also believe that being poor or having fewer opportunities should be an excuse to make. This is the information age and you can achieve whatever you want in life.

Who should read this book?

  1. Everyone who is eager to learn.
  2. Want to make a lot of money.
  3. If you are a student, figuring out what to do in life.
  4. In short “EVERYONE”.
  5. That’s why you should read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

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Who should not read this Book

If you think you’ve achieved everything in life and are not to learn. Well my thoughts or opinions won’t change anything. You know what I mean.

Now you should get the clear idea that-

why you should read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

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