If I tell you there’s something that flows against the direction of the water. You probably won’t believe me. But it exists, a stick-like structure having the shape of a snake. Yes, you read it right, a herb that flows against the flow of water. For having such an amazing shape it is known as Garuda Sanjeevani. We’ll discuss the reasons behind it later in the blog. But because of its phenomenal behaviour, it is extremely popular in the Himalayas.

Garuda Sanjeevani

Pauranik(historic) facts about Garuda Sanjeevani

Well, we all are aware of Sanjeevani. Around 3000 years back we find it in “Hindu Pauranik Katha”. In Ramayana, when Lakshman was senseless at Lanka war, almost in the death bed. The former Vaidya Sushen, asks lord Hanuman to bring Sanjeevni. Because that was his last hope for survival. And then we all know what exactly happened. This was the first instance of mentioning and knowing about Sanjeevni.

Scientific Facts

Science says that what we call “Jadi Buti”, is actually a piece of wood. It’s a crawler, and therefore its shape is like a snake. Because it has to go up a tree. It does not sink in the water due to its lightweight. And to explain its characteristic to flow against water is explained by 2 reasons:

  1. Newton’s third law, for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  2. The concept of nut bolt.

The way these two laws work together is the reason behind the exceptional behaviour of Garuda Sanjeevani. When the waves are hitting the wood from beneath it helps it float. When force is applied to the wood by the waves, due to its spring-like shape an opposite force is applied. And it flows against the direction of water

The concept of nut bolt is, anything that is placed in water, the water fills up the empty spaces. And the object is covered with water. This very same concept is applicable to springwood. The wood is covered with water and the voids are filled. And that same time newton’s third law will work. It gives the opposite and equal reaction, So the wood will flow against the water flow.

Superstitions about Garuda Sanjeevani

There are some superstitions about this herb. Superstitions are mainly observed in the less developed parts or say rural parts of India. It’s mainly because people have some preconceived notions. The characteristic of Garuda Sanjeevani is showcased as some kind of a mystical power of the divine. Though there are enough scientific explanations available, people often do it to fool around and earn money.

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