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Types of the target…

  1. Person
  2. website
  4. web server,etc.
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1.) When your target is website .

  • Before testing any web application it is good to find information about that .
  • Who is information .
  • Reverse ip chaeck.
  • Website framework.
  • DNS records.
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2.) When your target is web server.
  • Web server provides access to internet resources.
  • Server operating system.
  • Services running on that server.
  • Open port’verson nomber.

How to check the registered information on any website.

For checking domain name

And one more web site to finding a detail about any website

The best way to finding a sub domain ??

Step 1=Github and surch [ knock subdomain scan ]

The main point is install a file in kali lainx.

To detacting a operating system of website .

Step1: open cmd promt

Stap2: Write ping(web name)

  • TTL(Time to live) near about 60 and less than 60 means the web is hosting by a linex.
  • If the TTL value is more than 50 and more than 60. it main the web is hosting by windows.
  • If the TTL value near then above 110 and more then 110 That means the web is hosted by a webserver.

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  • Determine network addresses of live hosts, firewalls. routers, etc. in the network
  • the network topology.
  • Determine operating system types of discovered hosts.
  • Determine open ports and network service of the target.
  • Deter……… list of potential vulnerabilities.

1.) Network sweeping

Sand a series of probes packet to identify live host at IP addresses in the target network.

2.) Network tracing

Determine the network topology and draw a map.

3.) Port tracing

Determine listening TCP and UDP ports on target system.

4.) Os fingerprint

Determine the target operating system based on network behaviour.

5.) Version scanning

Determine the version of services and protocal.

6.) Vulnerability scanning

Determine the list of protential vulnerability in the target enviroment.

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