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OLA invested more than 2,400 crores in setting their business on the electric market. And the good news is ola will go to launch their first electric scooter in India. Ola made their factory in Tamil Nadu.

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Ola electric announced that bring it’s its first electric scooter to India’s market in July 2021. To survive the electric vehicle the main thing will be the charging chain. When we used our petrol or diesel vehicle it will be a requirement to have the petrol pump near of the road site, else you can’t take the risk to buy this and drive this. Now in India are not able to run the electric vehicle. One of the main problems is in India here is not have the chain of charging setup so the rider can’t go along with their electric vehicle for the long trip.

OLA electric scooter Company setup.

So, Ola will noticed in this problems and trying to working on it. For that Ola will setup “Hypercharge Network” to include one lakh charging points across 400 cities.

electric , OLA electric scooter

In previous year, Ola had announced a big amount of investment around 2,400 crore for setting up its first electric scooter factory in Tamil Nadu. So, India will getting profit from it because across 10000+ job was created. For the world large e-scooter manufacturing facility that will produce initially 2 millions of capacity.

Ola Chairman and Group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said, "We will put out the factory by June, which will have the capacity to manufacture 2 million units. And then we'll ramp up over the next 12 months -after the factory is set up. The sale will also start at the same time. So, the factory gets completed in June, sale start in July."

hyper charging network for OLA electric scooter.

To get the adoption of electric vehicles, a strong network is required. Today, one of the key infrastructure gaps of our country is the charging network. For that ola is going to create a hyper charging network across the 400 cities, towns. And will be building more than 1,00,000 charging points.

The charging points will charged 50 percentage of battery with in 18 minutes. It will give the 75 km of range .

Ola charging points will work with the Ola mobile application. It will show all the details of charging – Timing, Unites, Percentage, Price, and also money will send from its.

Ola will provide a Home Installation charging setup which will be a wall-mounted charging setup. You can charge your Ola vehicle using that charging setup.

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