Physical Fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy if you are healthy and active of day to daily life. You can achieve your physical fitness and healthy life through your proper balance of food and nutrition. There are numerous ways to be physically fit like running, cycling, gymming, swimming, etc. These are the basic way to be physically fit.

 Physical Fitness
Physical fitness

A thorough fitness program tailored (special)to an individual typically focuses on one or more specific skills, and age or health-related needs such as bone health. Although, many sources also cite mental, social, and emotional health as an essential part of overall fitness.

How to know we are physically fit and healthy?

“Physically fit” term comes from physical (from your outer body), the more fit you are the more tasks you do.

“Healthy” term comes from health (from your inner body), better health in turn enhances your immune system

What Physical fitness test

We generally talk about Physical Fitness Tests. But only some of us know that there is a test framework prepared by the former Bureau of Physical Education and School Sports i.e. BPESS, which gives you information about the status of your overall physical fitness.

There are two types of Physical Fitness Tests:

Pre-test – This test is done at the beginning of the physical fitness test which includes a fitness test to determine your fitness status.

Post-tests are done during the last month of the physical fitness test.

The results of both tests serve as the basis for providing continuous activities or training in order to maintain one’s fitness.

When we perform a physical fitness test, we will basically perform exercises that test several fitness components.

Fitness TestFitness Component to be tested
1. Shuttle Run Agility
2. 50-meter sprint Speed
3. Sit and Reach The flexibility of the trunk
4. 30-second Curl-Ups Abdominal Strength
5. Standing long jumpLeg Power
6. 1000-meter Run Cardio-respiratory Endurance

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