The author Robert Cialdini has written this book to describe how to influence someone. I will share with you a short review of this book. And also tell you about those points why you should read pre-suasion. What is knowledge having in this book that really helps you to find out the perfect way to influence. Before going to influence someone if you read this book so it helps you a lot in your work.


Like when you go for giving you final exam., In that scenario. Even from working hard to give the exam, even from a good focus on the exam, It depends on the effort that they take before the exam. Author’s tell in this book that those people can keep great pre-suasion skills, those people are Powerful influencer and archiver. They are not great because they speak fluently, or they can keep the effort to speak, not really. They are great because they are working on themselves before influencing people.


When I saw the magic in my childhood in that time I’m a lot impressed by it. Because I think about is it real. But after knowing in between the real fact I know something that It only helps this trick. That magician makes you focus on the wrong thing. And where you haven’t focus on that position magician possible the magic trick. So we feel the real magic.

In the case of Pre-Suasion if you are able to make people focus on the wrong thing that you can finish your right work. So you will never fail to influence the people. So making manipulate the people you can do by you interesting way of talking. It is like priming. Where your brain subconsciously takes the decision.

Prime & Changing Focus

It helps you a lot. As an example there is a two shop first name is prime20 and the second one is prime89. In research, it’s found that prime89 is more focusable than prime20. You can use this trick in your work, In your business to influence someone to attract you.

Make The Question for Pre-Suasion

To growing any business chance will be more when the company is collecting their user’s feedback. For that company sending their employees to the user to survey. How is the user experience? After that companies are investing many money of but the success rate increase only 29%. But when they make the decision as a persuasion they can get the success. It happens this way. The companies decided that don’t go for direct feedback for the user. First, you suppose to give a compliment like you are looking to helping nature. Would you like to help someone who can change for you, made for you? So the user happier to give feedback.

The author says in this book when he is a boy in that period of time he understands the hand line which describes human fortune. He is doing this kind of activity to get more attraction from the people. The rally doesn’t understand that how it’s works actually. But after an incident. One day he was going to a party. The person who organizes the party from starting author starting to read his poem. The author folds the finger of the host and told: “You are very stubborn to get things done and don’t change your mind without completing things”. The host is shocked and told you are right. How you have to do it.

But when the party ends at that time someone comes to the author and told him to tell me about myself something then the author did the same thing and told “You are a flexible person who changes his mind when the right time will come and his mind is very often to get things done” The man Sayed you are awesome. But when the author looks at the guy very closely he realized he is the host. Where he preciously say something very different to the guy. But if the man thinks about that he realized. But when Auther said the host you are stubborn. The host trying to remember his stubborn time. And the second time when the author says flexible the host trying to remember his flexible time.

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