The human brain is so much complex. For that every day something new fact, research has to come forward. That tells something very new and unknowing about the human brain. So today with this article we will be aware of some unknown facts about the human brain. I think most of this you don’t know before.

human brain

How does the human brain make sense of the world?

How did you look and think about the world mostly depends on, what types of movies and TV shows you have to see in your daily life. Based on research who people are watching crime, investigation, detective TV shows, and even news. Those people overestimate the crime fact. So, this kind of shows thinks their world is a very scary place. And the person is a victim of this scared world. Moreover, those people are watching mostly comedy or based on fantasy TV shows and movies. They look and feel positive about the world. So this Psychological fact about the world confirms that. Those types of media we consume on a daily basis will affect our worldview positively or negatively.

human brain

Our thought and the ability of the human brain to understand it depends on our culture.

Social Psychologist Richard Nisbett told in his own book The Geography Of Thought how Asian country’s people’s thoughts are a change from the Western country’s peoples. That means this both cultural Philosophy, Social structure, Religion, Educational system are quite different. Just because this both areas people are getting different environment to grow up.

That’s why in Asian countries like India, Japan, Korea, China people thinking and having solved the problem is more holistic. And they are finding some patterns from unrelated things. Where Western people thinking are more analytical. They separate the unrelated thing from each other. In this book, the author says if you give a photo to a western person. They are trying to focus on the main object. Where if you give the same photo to the Asian country so they are trying to look at the background of the photo, trying to find out some unnoticed fact from the photo. They trying to find out the overall message from that photo.

So, I think with this article we have to share with you how your Human Brain Think About The World? If you like this article please let us through the comment and keep in touch.

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