dna, string, biology
dna, string, biology

Hello, guys today in this article we have to discuss storage devices. Now in our day-to-day life, the internet is the most important thing. Every day we are posting, searching, downloading a lot of data from the internet

Storing the data is a big problem. Every day on the internet we are storing millions of data in a server. Will be a data center. It takes a lot of areas for storing the data.

 If I’m say that the all Information we will stored in a small tea of glass it will be a very surprised.

Now a day science can do this using the DNA storage device. 

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What size of the data stored on Internet?

If we say about how much data are stored on the Internet. The size is not estimated actually. Every day, every second billion of data are stored on the internet, for that, it is not possible to say the exact size of data.

The size is around 15 Zettabyte

15,000,000,000,000 TB

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How we have to store our data today?

Today we have to stored our data using magnetic disk, Hard disk, Pendrive, and the most advantage is cloud storage but the problem is-

  1. After 10-15 years this storage device performance is reduced because this all depends on a magnetic field.

2. So after there is lot of chance to lost our data

3. Thirdly, this storage device are capture a lot of area

4. It will be damaged for the natural environment like water, rain can destroy it, we lost our information. From outcomes this problem here we will use DNA Storage Device. 

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Why DNA Storage Device

We all know that DNA is part of all leaving things. when any fossila found .

From the fossil, First collect the DNA sample and recognize the body part.

This means we can get the all information about the fossil. Like height, weight, old, all the things.

 With this thing scientist are think about this why we can’t use the DNA as a storage device

Advantages of using DNA storage device –

  1. DNA capture and hold the data for thousand of year and the information can’t be destroyed in any situation.

  2. If DNA is use for the storage device we can stored a lots of data in a short unit.

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If you want to learn any language how to speak any new language for that this way we have to go-

  1. Listening

  2. Understanding

  3. Responding

  4. Speaking

  5. Reading

  6. Writing.

So storing the data means the last part of the series. For storing the data first we need to listening or understanding the data, then response  or speak the data , Reading the data and the last one is writing the data.

Firstly, we understand that what type of language DNA can store the data like a magnetic hard drive or a computer can understand machine language 0001111001

After reading the data how we have to store the data.

And the last and the most impotent thing is how we have to recover the data what we have stored previously.

So, this are the thing scientist are analysis from many years.

Latest Fact

2012 Harvard Institute students have to successfully store some data inside the DNA and successful recovery from the DNA.

2016 a 22GB of movie sequence are successfully stored inside the DNA.

2018 around 200mb of data are stored in the synthetic DNA.

In June 2019, scientists reported that all 16 GB of Wikipedia have been encoded into synthetic DNA.

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However, the researcher is said that they have stored in a single 1 Hexa byte of data with one single cube of DNA it means

  meanwhile 1 Hexa byte = 10000000000 GB/MM3

Firstly the main problem is to store inside the DNA is that is very cost-effective to encoding and decoding the data of DNA.

Secondly , the process of encoding and decoding of data inside the DNA is slow

So, with in the future technology this problem must be solved

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