Internet is a collection of various networks worldwide. So, It uses TCP/IP to transmit data.
Internet divide into three main categories, namely:-

Depths Of Internet
  • Firstly, Surface Web
  • Secondly, Deep Web
  • Thirdly, Dark Web

Surface Web

The Web pages, Websites, Web Applications, etc. What we find on the internet in our day-to-day life comprises the Surface Web.

Searches made by Google, Bing, Yahoo all give results that are present on the surface web. So, In this vast ocean of the internet, only 3-4 percent is the Surface web.

All the things you search on google willingly give results from this 3-4 percent of the modern internet.

Deep Web

The published results that we cannot correctly get by traditionally doing a regular search typically comprise the Deep Web. The social sites are not index by search engines like Google, bing, yahoo, etc.

Deep Web typically comprises 96 effective percent of the Internet. This means that the valuable information that everyday people are instantly accessing is just the tip of an iceberg that carefully compares.

The Deep Web includes Details that should not access just by doing a standard search like Bank Details, Medical Records, Private Networks, etc. It contains both legal and illegal content.

Dark web

It is the most dangerous place one can visit on the internet. It contains all the illegal stuff like human trafficking, drug
deals, the sale of illegal weapons, and many horrifying things.

A standard web browser can not access these. Tor browser is also known as the Onion Browser, is using to surf the Dark web. Silk Road exists on the Dark web.

Silk Road is the online Black Market where drug deals are done.

But tor browser is one of the best browse for normal internet surfing because tor is an open-source code browser; when you want to modify your browser security, you can do it.

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