After black and white fungus now coming yellow fungus in India. The yellow fungus is different from the black and white fungus this way. The yellow fungus infection starts to speared internally & weigh heavily on vital organs.

Yellow Fungus in India

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Where does yellow fungus come from?

Yellow fungus is more dangerous than black and white. In Ghaziabad, the first case is coming with this yellow fungus. You didn’t believe that before one week ago only one case found In India for the yellow fungus.

Typically animals are mainly affected by this fungus. The animal LIZARD is mainly affected by this fungus. Naturally, this yellow fungus gets in LIZARD. But this is the first time when a human body is infected with this fungus.

Yellow Fungus in India

Yellow fungus symptoms

The symptoms of yellow fungus are lethargy, which means over weakness, Weight loss, Digestive system problem, Dislike food consumption, etc. these are the symptoms of yellow fungus. This yellow fungus that much harmful that if your body is affected, you can get any cut on your skins, or some normal damaged. So in that time your human immunes system naturally hill your damaged on your body. If that time you have to affect with this virus. So, the virus stops your immunes system from doing the hill to your body.

Yellow Fungus in India

It is a life effecting virus?

It is a life effecting virus. When we want to compare the fungus we get this result that the white fungus is less dangerous than the Black fungus, and the Yellow fungus is more dangerous than Black fungus. So we can say the Yellow Fungus is the most dangerous Fungus from available fungus.

Take the right precautions

In this COVID situation, the most important thing is your safety. So don’t scare of this fungus. Because scared is the most dangerous thing in the world It is the cause every year thousands of people die. So don’t be scared please take the right precautions and if you fill any symptoms so try to be a doctor consultation. Be safe your life.

The infection is very rare in India. But you need to be careful. In today’s life after COVID, we all know that is we need to maintain our immunes system. We need to stronger our immunes system. So what we heard from our childhood is take good food, take the effective food which is really helpful for our body. But we are not seriously taking the thing every time. Now time is change, the situation is changing. So now is the time to take the precautions.

So this is some information about yellow fungus.

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